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GE in new service offering for J312 gas engine

GE is to launch a new service option for its Jenbacher engines, known as the Flex Overhaul reservation agreement.

The new offering extends the operating hours of GE’s J312 gas engine to 80,000 operating hours, up from 60,000 currently.

GE says that after the customer’s original Jenbacher equipment reaches a maximum 80,000 operating hours, the Jenbacher service team will deliver an overhauled engine to the site to replace the customer’s original unit.

When the overhauled engine arrives, GE will disassemble the existing engine, replace it with the refurbished unit and returns the original engine to GE’s Jenbacher repair facilities.

Another change, says GE, is that a Jenbacher biogas plant owner now has the option of upgrading its J312 gas engine up to 625 kW when doing the major engine overhaul.

GE claims that after the upgrade, the J312 can operate for 8000 hours a year under full load, consuming up to 2.3 million mà‚³ of biogas annually while generating an additional 1000 MW hours of electricity under continuous operation.

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