GE facilitates Italian firm’s energy independence

GE’s Jenbacher J312 gas engine is enabling Ramaplast S.p.A.’s trigeneration plant in Italy to power its own operations.

The new trigeneration plant located in Castelnuovo Scrivia, in the Piemonte region of Italy, provides heating, cooling and power for the company, which produces plastic boxes for various uses such as pill containers.
Ramaplast S.p.A.'s trigeneration plant
More than 600 kW of electrical power year round and 700 kW of thermal power are produced at the plant. GE’s J312 gas engine operates on natural gas and was sold in a container in order to run with fewer required additional components, piping and electrical connections.

The plant also can work as backup power and in island mode, with the gas engine supplying power to the main plant when disconnected from the national grid and with an import/export control known as the “scambio zero” feature. This feature means that the gas engine can produce 50-100% of the electrical power for the factory without using electricity from Italy’s grid. It also is possible to sell the power to the grid.

Roberto Stella, head of energy management at Ramaplast, said the plant “helps meet the Italian government’s energy strategy to move toward a smaller-size distributed local energy scenario.

“Additionally, the compact container solution provided by GE fits well in the available space in our plant.”


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