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GE boosts Jenbacher CHP efficiency

GE Energy has introduced a next-generation, Jenbacher ‘Type 6’ gas engine following the performance milestone of 10,000 operating hours for two demonstration facilities in the Netherlands.

The new 3.3 MW 6F units demonstrated an increased output of up to 10% and a crucial 1% hike in electrical efficiency over its existing systems, the company says. Featuring electrical efficiency ratings of 44.1% and 44.8%, respectively, GE adds that the key to the 6F’s increased performance is the capability to run the engine at a higher break mean effective pressure of 22 bar using technologies such as steel pistons with optimized geometry, which have higher peak pressure capability than aluminum pistons.

A new turbocharger with a higher pressure ratio allows for optimized valve timing (so-called Miller) to further improve combustion, thus pushing the knocking limit. As a result of this optimized combustion, the unburned hydrocarbons are reduced.

For the pilot projects, Netherlands growers Kwekerij Baarenburg and Kwekerij de Kabel B.V. installed GE’s Jenbacher standardized greenhouse application supplying cogeneration with CO2 fertilization to two commercial horticultural greenhouse sites.

Each site is powered with a J612 ‘6F’ unit, designed to optimize energy efficiency and crop production. The operators of the Baarenburg and Prominent Kabel greenhouses have signed a full customer service contract with GE for the two 6F CHP plants that will cover the units up to their first major overhaul which is needed at 60,000 operating hours.