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GE backs on-site gas-fired power for world’s largest single site smelter

GE Energyà‚ Financial Services, the energy investing unit of General Electric (NYSE:GE), supported the raise of ECA financing for Aluminium Bahrain’s 1,792 MWà‚ combined-cycle gas-fired power plantà‚ inà‚ Bahrain, which will power on-site the world’s largest single-site smelter.à‚ 

The $310.4m and €310.3m loans à‚ for goods and services provided to the project are being backed by Swiss export credit agency (“ECA”), SERV. Due to the project procurement strategy, reinsurance for the facility is being provided by Bpifrance and SACE, France and Italy’s ECAs respectively.
Aluminium Bahrain

The facility will be funded by a club of international banks including Standard Chartered, Citi, Credit Agricole, Commerzbank and JP Morgan, with Commerzbank AG acting as the lead Facility Agent.à‚  It will be used to partially finance the delivery of power to Alba’s Line 6 Expansion Project, and brings long-term, efficient capital to Alba’s project.

A GE Power and GAMA Power Systems consortium was awarded the contract for design, engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of the power plant in 2016. Completion is expected in early 2019 and will enable Alba’s Line 6 Expansion Project to begin aluminum production, boosting its per-annum metal production by 540,000 metric tonnes.

GE is providing three 9HA gas turbines, three steam turbines and three heat recovery steam generators for the project, marking the first use of the HA technology in aluminum smelters world-wide and the first order for HA-level technology in the Gulf region. Additionally, Alba and GE have a 16-year long-term service and maintenance agreement for the plant.à‚ 

Bob Psaradellis, managing director, Global Capital Advisory, GE Energy Financial Services said, “GE has the unique ability to address customer needs by combining its comprehensive turnkey commercial and technical offers with efficient financial solutions.”à‚ 

Alba is one of the largest industrial companies in the Middle East and one of the largest aluminum producers in the world.à‚  Its Line 6 Expansion Project will establish Alba as a leader in the Gulf region and the world to meet the growing international demand for aluminum.