GE announces new Jenbacher gas engine at POWER-GEN

29 November 2006 ” Yesterday at POWER-GEN, GE Energy announced a new Jenbacher J420 GS gas engine addition to its Type 4 engine family that is ideal for 60 Hz applications running at 1,800 rpm to serve the high-efficiency power generation,cogeneration and onsite power segment in North America.

The J420 at 50 Hz was introduced in 2002 to fill a specific power output niche that existed between the Jenbacher 1 MW J320 GS model and its larger unit, the 1.8-MW J612 GS engine – while also launching this engine platform as the next generation of gas engine efficiency, the Jenbacher “High-Efficiency Concept.” More than 300 of the 50 Hz J420 GS units have been installed around the world, operating on a variety of fuels.

GE’s new 60 Hz model offers high efficiency at high specific outputs with 1,800 rpm, suitable for natural gas or a variety of other gases, such as landfill gas, biogas, sewage gas, glare gas and coal mine gas. The new J420 previously completed rigorous endurance and performance testing at GE’s manufacturing facilities for Jenbacher engines in Austria.

GE’s new Type J420 GS for 60 Hz applications is characterized by a very high power density (kW/weight) due to its highly compact, robust design and small footprint, resulting in low peripheral investments for foundations and buildings. Key advanced efficiency features include swirl-optimized, four-valve cylinder heads, a Miller timing combustion system and high-performance spark plugs developed in-house by GE. In turn, this leads to lower fuel costs, and longer operating periods for components, in cluding cylinder heads for up to 30,000 hours and spark plugs for up to 15,000 hours, resulting in overall attractive costs of electricity.

Electrical output of the new model is 1.426 MW, while thermal output will be about 5,700 MBTU/hr when fueled by natural gas and 5,400 MBTU/hr with biogas. Electrical efficiency is 40.8%, with a total engine efficiency of up to 86.6%.

“GE’s first orders in North America for its new 60 Hz J420 model reflect the great flexibility offered by this engine type, including units ordered for natural gas cogeneration projects and others that are being installed for landfill and sewage gas-to-energy applications,” said Prady Iyyanki, President and General Manager of GE’s Jenbacher gas engine business.

The first J420 for 60 Hz applications will be shipped in late 2006 and commissioned in early 2007, with the first field installation entering service during the first quarter of 2007.

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