The European Union has given the all clear to France to provide financial support to four renewable energy schemes, which will add 7.5 GW to the French grid, when completed.

Brussels concluded the schemes, aimed at helping France meet its 2020 targets, don’t break state aid rules as they will boost the share of electricity produced from renewables without significantly distorting competition.
French and EU flags
The French target is to produce 23 per cent of its energy needs from clean sources, and they will distribute contracts, following a series of tenders.

A wind support scheme will help facilitate 3 GW of additional capacity being installed over the next three years, taking the form of a premium on top of the market price to operators of medium to large-scale onshore wind energy installations. This scheme has a provisional budget of €188 million (£166.8m) per year.

One scheme for solar support will provide a feed-in tariff for large-scale photovoltaic installations on buildings, with the other aiming to help install around 3 GW of capacity for similar projects on the ground. Together they have a planned annual budget of €232 million (£205.8m).

A final support scheme will offer €6 million (£5.3m) per year for 200 MW of smaller scale solar and wind capacity.