French announcement a boost for tidal energy

The head of Ocean Energy Europe has lauded a plan by the French government as another step towards the mainstreaming of tidal energy in Europe.

Ségolàƒ¨ne Royal, French Minister for Energy, has announced the launch of a new round of commercial tenders for tidal energy in northwest France.
Remi Gruet
Rémi Gruet, CEO of Ocean Energy Europe said: “This is a positive development for the European tidal power sector. Over the past months, tidal technologies have taken-off and developers now need areas where they can demonstrate arrays and full-scale farms.”

“France has a world-leading tidal energy supply chain, these new tenders could leverage the experience recently gained in other parts of Europe to push tidal energy to commercialisation. These tenders are an important step to mainstreaming tidal energy in Europe”.

Two deployment zones are being identified by regional authorities in Brittany and Normandy. These will be subject to a competitive tender managed by the French government. The zones will accommodate projects of 50-100MW.

The move is in line with the French government’s target of installing 100 MW of capacity by 2023 for wave and tidal.

The competitive dialogue procedure will be launched later in 2017 and Paris said it expects 2GW of marine to be allocated in public tenders by 2023 with 100MW installed by that time.

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