Fortum has commissioned the second unit of its Russian investment programme in Chelyabinsk, West Siberia. The new CHP unit at Chelyabinsk CHP-3 started capacity sales earlier this month.

Chelyabinsk CHP-3’s new unit is the region’s first modern natural gas-fired combined-cycle gas plant producing electricity with gas and steam turbines.

The new unit’s electricity production capacity is 226 MW and heat production capacity 142 MW. The commissioning increases the entire power plant’s electricity production capacity to 586 MW and heat production capacity to 1411 MW.

Fortum’s subsidiary in Russia, OAO Fortum, is implementing an investment programme that will increase its electricity production capacity from around 2800 MW to about 5100 MW.

The investment programme consists of eight units, which Fortum plans to commission by the end of 2014.

Fortum has commissioned two units this year in Tyumen and Chelyabinsk, while the Tobolsk power plant’s new 200 MW unit will be completed this autumn, with work due to start on a completely new power plant in Nyagan in 2012.

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