Fortum completes new unit at Russia CHP plant

Finnish company Fortum has commissioned unit 1 of its Chelyabinsk GRES combined heat and power plant in Russia.

The unit has a capacity of 247.5 MW and an evaluated heat capacity of 174.45 MW.

A second unit is due to enter commercial operation early next year following delays in construction. With both unFortum completes Russia CHP unitits operational, the plant will have a capacity of 495 MW.

Fortum will receive capacity payments for Chelyabinsk 1 under the Russian government’s Capacity Supply Agreements.

Fortum has an extensive investment programme in Russia that started in 2008 and is now nearly completed. It has comprised eight new gas-fired power plant units and the modernization of existing units in the South Urals and Western Siberia, including Chelyabinsk GRES.

Alexander Chuvaev, executive vice-president for Fortum in Russia, said: “Our new CHP units are more efficient and competitive than the older units. In addition, they have significantly lower fuel consumption and five times lower NOx concentration of flue gases compared to the old equipment at the Chelyabinsk GRES power plant.”

Fortum’s power generation capacity in Russia now stands at around 5200 MW.


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