Capstone Turbine Corporation has won an order from a large natural gas and coal producer for a C200 microturbine to be fuelled by coal bed methane gas (CBM), the first such application in the US.
The C200 microturbine will be installed this summer at a coal bed gas processing plant and will use methane gas from the plant that is normally flared, to produce 200 kW of electricity.
Normally, operations that produce methane gas flare the waste gases or vent them directly into the atmosphere, although methane has a greenhouse-gas impact on the atmosphere 21 times higher than that of carbon dioxide.
Capstone’s microturbine technology allows companies to capture the waste methane and use it as an on-site fuel source.
The order is the latest in a string of new orders Capstone has received in recent months from several large oil and gas companies for its C65, C200 and C1000 microturbines.
E-Finity Distributed Generation, Capstone’s mid-Atlantic distributor, secured this most recent order.
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