ExxonMobil has launched the Mobil SHC Pegasus Series of advanced technology oils designed to maximize natural gas engine component reliability, but with additional energy efficiency opportunities. Developed for optimum engine protection in natural gas engines, the series exhibited average energy savings of up to 1.5%* in independent university laboratory testing and statistically validated field tests.

The new Mobil SHC Pegasus formulation delivers the potential for reduced fuel consumption, increased oil drain intervals, and exceptional engine cleanliness and component protection, says ExxonMobil. Controlled field testing in demanding gas compression applications has shown that oil drain intervals can exceed 12,000 hours, or three to four times that of standard natural gas engine oils. Extending oil drain intervals can help reduce the amount of downtime the engine experiences as well as reducing the amount of waste oil generated.

These superior performance characteristics deliver immediate improvement to companies’ bottom line through increased engine reliability, extended oil life-time, reduced maintenance costs and lower fuel costs, says ExxonMobil.

This latest addition to ExxonMobil’s flagship brand of high-performance gas engine lubricants will be introduced worldwide in 2010.

* Efficiency measurements relates solely to the fluid performance when compared to ExxonMobil standard SAE 40 natural gas engine oils. Efficiency improvements may vary based on engine make/model and specific engine operating conditions. Energy efficiency claim for this product is based on test results on the use of the fluid in accordance with all applicable industry standards and protocols.