Extension to Somalian hybrid microgrid commissioned

An extension to a hybrid microgrid serving a Somalian town has come online, its developer has announced.

France’s Electro Power Systems (EPS) said the 5.9 MW microgrid in the northeastern town of Garowe, which previously featured solar PV, diesel generators and battery storage, now also includes three wind turbines and an additional storage system.

EPS said the extension was installed and commissioned in less than 30 days, and required no change to the existing installation.

The original microgrid came online in 2016 and featured 1 MWp of solar PV and 1.4 MWh of storage combined with existing diesel generation. à‚ à‚ 

The extension expands the installation with the addition of 0.75 MW of wind power, 400 kWh of storage and 3.1 MW of diesel generation.

With the extension, EPS said over 90 per cent of Garowe’s power demand is now covered.

The installation is expected to save one million litres of diesel fuel per year and reduce CO2 emissions by up to 600 tonnes.

Carlalberto Guglielminotti, EPS CEO, said: “This new microgrid has been completed in record time complying with the highest quality and safety standards. A unique plant, technologically competitive and enabling a sustainable development of the African region. We have reduced the energy bill for the local population.”à‚ 

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