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Europe to persist with anti-dumping measures on Chinese solar

The European Commission has rejected an appeal to scrap anti-dumping duties imposed on Chinese solar eEU China solar power conflictnergy firms in 2013.

The decision by the member states followed in-depth investigations, which found that Chinese companies were selling solar panels and essential components in Europe below their market price and were receiving illegal subsidies, to the detriment of EU solar panel manufacturers.

“The court rejects all the applications and confirms all the definitive duties set by the Council,” the Luxembourg-based General Court of the EU said in a statement.

The Council of European Union imposed definitive duties of an average of around 50% on imports of solar panels from China for a duration of two years, back in late 2013.

Twenty six companies affected by the anti-dumping duties, including subsidiaries ofà‚ JA Solar Holdingsà‚ Co, Ltd., brought legal action in 2014 against the EU Council’s decision. They argued the court should annul the regulation on the basis of procedural inaccuracies in the anti-dumping investigations and other grounds.