An anaerobic digestion (AD) facility in Doncaster, UK has been expanded in a year-long multi-million pound project, making it the largest plant of its kind in the country.

Owned by ReFood, the facility is now capable of processing 160,000 tonnes of food waste from across the Yorkshire and Humberside region each year and generating just under 5 MW of electricity via a combined heat and power (CHP) unit.

 Alongside two new 3700-tonne capacity digesters, the £6 million ($10 million) expansion work has seen additional receiving and storage tanks added to the site on Ings Road, alongside two 1.1 MW gas engines.

Philip Simpson, commercial director at ReFood, commented: ‘Alongside generating renewable energy, even the resulting digestate (created during the AD process) can be repurposed. In the case of ReFood Doncaster, this is used by a network of local farmers as a PAS 110 certified fertiliser to aid the growth of crops. Known as ReGrow, the industry-first sustainable biofertiliser not only replaces the use of chemicals, but also completely closes the food chain – from field to fork and back again.’