Demand response relieves grid emergencies

US regional grid operators the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) and the Independent System Operator of New England (ISO-NE) were forced to activate their emergency demand response programmes on 27 July as temperatures and humidity levels soared across the Northeast and electricity demand in New York and New England threatened to outstrip supply.

EnerNOC, a provider of demand response solutions, acted to reduce load at about 250 commercial and industrial customer sites throughout the two regions. The company took some 130 MW of demand off-line, allowing the available supply to meet demand and the grid to remain operational throughout both regions.

On 26 July 26, EnerNOC issued an advisory to its customers in New York and New England that there was a high probability that a demand response event would occur. This possibility arose from the unusually tight day-ahead demand forecasts and high energy price projections. By late morning on 27 July, the company observed that electricity prices in both Southwest Connecticut and New York were increasing rapidly and electricity demand was exceeding forecasts, signifying the difficulty grid operators were having supplying adequate electricity to the regions.

Due to the risk of grid failure, both NYISO and ISO-NE activated EnerNOC’s demand response resources. EnerNOC met these calls by curtailing load or starting backup generators accordingly at its metered and controlled customer sites throughout both regions.

NYISO declared an end to the emergency at 6pm, and EnerNOC restored its customer loads in New York to normal operation. Peak demand during the day reached 30,903 MW, slightly lower than the all-time peak demand set on 26 July of 32,075 MW. In New England, the grid operator requested an extension of load reduction beyond the normal event conclusion time of 6pm due to the severity of the situation in south west Connecticut. Peak daytime demand in ISO-NE reached 26,922 MW ” a new record for the region.

5.8 MW gas turbine for Italian chemicals company

Italian chemical company Lonza SpA has ordered a generator set package from UK-based Centrax Gas Turbines for use in a proposed CHP plant at the company’s site in San Giovanni Valdarno, Tuscany. Lonza is in the business of chemical intermediates, resins and compounds.

Centrax is supplying a natural gas-fuelled CX501-KN7 outdoor package which will provide up to 5.8 MW of power and, through a waste heat recovery boiler, steam. The turbine is flexible enough to accept the injection of steam back into it to increase its power output when needed, with the added advantage of reducing emissions.

The turbine package will be on-site by the end of this year, with installation completed by the early part of 2006.

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