Cherwell District Council in north Oxfordshire, UK, is considering the use of a gas-fired combined heat and power unit for the Bicester community building project.

The project entails the erection of a five storey building comprising community and town centre uses. The building is proposed to house a new library, hotel and retail space and will incorporate energy saving measures in keeping with the Bicester One Shared Vision initiative to promote a sustainable town.
Council spokesperson Tony Ecclestone told COSPP that the council’s design team are examining the technology’s suitability.

“They are currently exploring a combined heat and power solution to achieve Building Regulations compliance; by modelling the demands of the building we have found that a renewable energy source will be required to reduce the carbon emissions of the building.”

“Currently it is envisaged a gas fired CHP unit could be provided to satisfy the Part L requirements, and provide the necessary reduction of carbon emissions. The CHP unit would assist with the buildings hot water, heating and electrical demands.”

The CHP unit is being looked at as the ideal installation date for the unit, with the building itself set for a July 2015 completion. It will also be served by solar photovoltaic technology.

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