23 September 2010 – UK secretary of state for Energy and Climate Change Chris Huhne has stressed the importance of highly efficient CHP technology in securing cost and carbon savings across the public sector as a whole, given the background of government targets to cut carbon emissions from the public sector, and pressure on the same organizations to cut operating costs.
Huhne was visiting a CHP scheme that meets the energy needs of the new flagship Museum of Liverpool.
Manchester-based energy services company, ENER-G, is installing and operating the CHP system at the prestigious new museum on Liverpool’s famous waterfront, guaranteeing substantial annual cost savings and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 880 tonnes per year.
Huhne explained: ‘As a government we have committed to cutting the carbon emissions in the public sector – starting with 10% in the first 12 months. The Museum of Liverpool has shown what is possible, and I expect that CHP schemes like this one can help us deliver on our low-carbon goals. Unlocking both significant cost and carbon savings, [CHP] has huge potential to transform energy use across the public sector.’
The museum scheme is representative of many similar projects going ahead across the UK, says the UK CHP Association (CHPA). New CHP schemes installed in buildings in the past 12 months – similar in scale to the one at the Museum of Liverpool – have delivered more than 50 MW of low-carbon electricity and 60 MW of heat. 36 of these projects have been completed in the public sector.
Graham Meeks, director of the CHPA, said: ‘Projects like the Museum of Liverpool point to the enormous value of efficient, low-carbon technologies such as CHP in delivering the cost and carbon savings the public sector desperately needs.
‘With the enormous strain on the public purse, economies in energy spend will help free up resources for the delivery of core services from museum displays through to teachers in class rooms and nurses on wards. The energy services sector will be a key partner in delivering the cost and carbon savings that the Government is looking for.’
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