ENER-G is reporting encouraging interest in its Discount Energy Purchase Scheme, which opens up the energy saving benefits of combined heat and power (CHP) to cash-strapped organisations.

The scheme allows UK business energy users to reduce their energy costs to beat the economic downturn – without raiding their capital or taking out expensive loans.
The concept works through which providing organisations with energy efficient CHP technology, without any upfront investment.

Although the scheme has been in place since the 90s the recent economic downturn has seen more than 50% of its CHP  systems being purchased using this cash saving financial model.

With no capital outlay for equipment or installation, clients can benefit from an immediate reduction in their energy costs and carbon footprint. The CHP system is then paid for via a metered energy charge that is guaranteed to be lower than previous electricity purchase costs. The plentiful supply of captured heat is supplied free.

Sales Director Ian Hopkins said: “The Discount Energy Purchase concept is very simple and places virtually no risk on our clients. We select and install a CHP system that converts primary fuel into electricity and heat more efficiently than the UK generating mix and conventional boilers.

Because the cogeneration system is more efficient, we are able to charge less for electrical output than the grid, provide free heat and still recoup adequate funds to cover the investment cost and ongoing maintenance of the system. Our clients can use their capital to fund core projects and sit back and enjoy bottom line savings from CHP.”

Among those businesses benefiting from funded cost and carbon savings is Tangerine Confectionery and Trafford Community Leisure Trust.

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