CHP plant for Tarasovskoye oilfield in Siberia

The power plant will comprise six Wärtsilä 20V34SG engines with heat recovery, running on associated gas from the oil well. In addition, Wärtsilä will deliver the power plant building. The contract was signed with Energotech, a turnkey contractor to Rosneft-Purneftegaz, a 100%-owned subsidiary of Rosneft.

Equipment will be delivered between October and December 2007 and the power plant will be fully operational in the spring of 2008, supplying heat and power to the oilfield’s production facilities.

Owned by Rosneft, the Tarasovskoye oil field was discovered in 1967 but first production did not begin until 1986. The average single well production rate amounted to 28 tonnes per day in 2005, accounting for 23% of Rosneft-Purneftegaz’s total production.

Rosneft selected a gas engine-based power plant over a conventional gas turbine arrangement due to its flexible load and operational characteristics, says Wärtsilä. The gas engines also tolerate fuel quality variations and therefore are suitable for oilfield power generation. The CHP plant will reduce flaring at the site because the associated gas will be used for the generation of power and heat instead.

BP has begun construction of a new 250 MW steam turbine power generating plant at its Texas City refinery site, Texas, US. The US$100 million unit will be located next to the existing South Houston Green Power cogeneration facility and will boost the total electricity generating capacity at the Texas City refinery site to 1000 MW.

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