A combined heat and power system is to be used on a UK Royal Air Force (RAF) base.

The CHP district heating system, which runs on a C200 natural gas-fueled microturbine from US-based Capstone Turbine, will power the base’s junior ranks mess. The base is home to the RAF’s Strategic and Tactical Air Transport and Air-to-Air Refueling forces.

The microturbine will operate in isolation during the summer months, providing hot water for six accommodation blocks and a rugby club. In winter the microturbine will be the primary heat source; two current 1.4 MW boilers will provide additional input.

Capstone said the microturbine represents its first C200 order in the UK.

Gary Peacock, business development manager of Capstone’s UK distributor Turner Engine Powered Services, said, ‘It is great to secure the first order for microturbine technology against the traditionally preferred choice of diesel engines in the defence industry. This technology will deliver substantial improvements in energy efficiency and reduce operating expenses.’