Jinan Diesel Engine Company (JDEC) of China, owned by China National Petroleum Company (CNPC), is supplying natural gas engines, dual fuel engines and gensets to Nigeria to improve electricity supply.

JDEC staff are already working on Nigerian installations of its engines, which range in output from 20 kW to 7 MW, said Qixun Song, general manager of CNPC’s Gas Engines Division.

Both IPPs and industrial customers represent significant markets, he added. The engines are available in Nigeria through a partnership with Emel Advanced Power Solutions (EAPS).

“We are already working with several large companies which are successfully utilizing our natural gas powered gensets for their manufacturing units,” he said.

“We have a strong team on the ground and have set up a 24/7 after-sales service centre dedicated to providing prompt back-up and service to our customers.”

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