Capstone Turbine has sold six additional C65 units to a prominent natural gas producer whose current fleet of 49 Capstone microturbines has exceeded 1 million run time hours.

Pumps & Service, the Capstone Turbine distributor responsible for selling and securing the fleet of microturbines since 1999, has said that the six additional microturbines will expand the producer’s mini-grid system in New Mexico’s San Juan Basin, US.
The six new microturbines, due to be installed in June, will be part of a microturbine generation station that provides power to pumping and water transfer units at remote sites via a complex underground electrical system.
In Northern New Mexico’s rugged mountains, well sites often are located five miles or more from a central facility. The central facility is key to the production process because it collects water pumped from the ground at each remote site.
Traditionally, the water has been transported through the rugged terrain by truck to the central facility, making the production process extremely expensive.
Microturbines allow the producer to pump water from tanks at each well site to a central water disposal facility, where the water is then returned to the ground, thus eliminating the need for water hauling.
Jim Crouse, Capstone’s executive vice president of Sales and Marketing, said: ‘With extremely remote well sites in mountainous terrain that averages 6,500 feet in elevation, the producer needs an exceptionally reliable power source. Many of the microturbines in this company’s fleet have run for 12 years. They are incredibly durable.’