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Capstone Turbine receives orders for Marcellus

Capstone Turbine Corporation has received orders totaling 4.2 MW from multiple oil & gas producers operating in the Marcellus Shale, including a follow-on order from a large independent producer already operating a fleet of more than 50 Capstone microturbines.

US-based Capstone Mid-Atlantic distributor E-Finity secured the orders from new and existing customers that will use the microturbines at remote locations throughout the Shale.

E-Finity has secured orders for more than 35 microturbines within the last six months in the Marcellus Shale alone.

The microturbines will be installed in early 2012 and used in prime power and CHP applications.à‚  In the CHP applications, the microturbines’ exhaust heat will be used for building and onsite fuel-gas heating.

“We have tremendous opportunities to sell Capstone microturbines to oil & gas customers in the Mid-Atlantic region due to the continued expansion of the Marcellus Shale,” said Jeff Beiter, E-Finity Managing Partner.

“We recently opened a new sales and service operations center in Clarksburg, West Virginia to meet the oil & gas industry’s escalating demand.”

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