A US patent has been issued to Capstone Turbine Corporation for a new fuel injector system for the firm’s microturbines.

Capstone said its multi-staged lean pre-vaporizing, pre-mixing fuel injector meets the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Tier 4 requirements for power generation emissions when used with liquid fuel.  

The system is currently available for Capstone’s C65 microturbine (pictured) but the company aims to extend it to other microturbine products. It said the fuel injector system is reverse-compatible with older units and can be integrated in the field with a software update.

The technology move comes in response to the EPA’s new programme to reduce emissions from diesel-fired engines by over 90%.

Darren Jamison, Capstone’s president and CEO, said: ‘Interest in liquid fuel versions of our product are increasing as more remote applications and markets that do not have the benefit of low-cost natural gas are looking to become more environmentally conscious without sacrificing reliability.’

And Tony Lorentz, director of product development, added: ‘This additional achievement of our combustion and fuel development team is broadening the worldwide application of our product. The team’s focus is now on the application of butane, ethane, syngas and high H2S fuels.’