Capstone in demand for trigeneration in Melbourne


Microturbine manufacturer Capstone Turbine Corporation has received an order, through its Australian distributor, Optimal, for a C600 microturbine to upgrade an office tower in downtown Melbourne, Australia.

The order follows similar for a C600 microturbine and a C800 microturbine to upgrade a major building in the Sydney Central Business District (CBD).
The natural-gas-fueled C600 microturbine will be installed in a combined cooling, heat and power (CCHP) application to provide on-site primary power, hot water recovery and cooling to the Melbourne office tower every day of the year. The trigeneration project will ensure the office tower is highly efficient while also providing the building owner a significant economic benefit.

The system was designed to provide base load power with energy efficiency levels nearing 80 per cent. Capstone microturbines empower businesses to achieve energy independence by reducing or eliminating their dependency on the utility.

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