Canadian firm wins first order for new cogen technology

Canadian energy efficiency solutions firm Thermal Energy International has announced the first order for its new cogeneration technology.

The company has won a C$1.46m ($1.2m) order from “a leading Fortune 500 food and beverage” customer to implement a ‘Super-Efficient Cogeneration’ heat recovery project at an existing plant.

The project is expected to be completed and revenue earned over the next six to nine months, the firm said.

In addition to a previously installed heat recovery unit, the project will implement further energy efficiency and heat recovery measures including the installation of three new reciprocating engines.

According to the company, the new measures will boost the plant’s efficiency to over 88 per cent.

The project is expected to save the customer C$945,000 in energy costs per year as well as 14,500 tonnes of CO2e.

William Crossland, Thermal Energy CEO, said: “Our Super-Efficient Cogeneration solution represents a dramatic energy efficiency improvement over typical cogeneration systems widely available. This has allowed us, at this site, to roughly double the revenue that we will earn when compared to providing a FLU-ACE [heat recovery] system alone.

“We are moving to replicate this at other sites with this and other customers,” he added.

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