Californian tomato growers benefiting from CAT on-site power

70-year-old Californian company, West Coast Tomato Growers (WCTG), is using Caterpillar standby power equipment in order to protect their crop in the face of threats by seasonal fires.

“The farm sits in a wide-open area and when the Santa Ana winds kick in, that is where a fire is likely to hit,” said Jim Letizia, Hawthorne Cat Rental sales representative. “When a fire hits, the authorities cut off the electricity, so WCTG needs reliable standby power to keep their sprinklers on, so their crops are not lost.”
Cat XQ1000 diesel generator set
Other circumstances such as rolling blackouts performed by their utility company, occasionally cause power to be temporarily or completely shut down. To guard against any type of power loss, which could hinder production, or cause shipping delays and crop spoilage, WCTG needed a reliable source of standby power.

The tomato growers are using three Cat diesel generators, rented seasonally, to ensure WCTG receives uninterrupted power throughout the growing season. One Cat XQ1000 diesel generator set backs up the packing shed, a second Cat XQ600 supplies standby power to the refrigerated warehouse, and a third Cat XQ60 gen set supplies prime power to a maintenance facility.à‚ 

Russ Mosier, WCTG maintenance supervisor says the generators are like an insurance policy. “That’s basically what these generators areࢀ”insurance for us so we don’t lose any products or production time. With help from Caterpillar, no critical production time or crops are lost.”

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