As part of a continuing business investment and development strategy, BRUSH, the largest independent manufacturer of turbogenerators in the world, has announced the completion of a major new $47m manufacturing facility near Shanghai, China to produce European quality turbogenerators for the growing Chinese market.

The new 14,400m² purpose built facility will produce 2-pole variants of the company’s leading 20 and 130 MW turbogenerators, and with build of the very first unit well underway, the project is set to finalise on time with regulatory approval later this year. To ensure product quality through the early stages of production, the 90 strong Changshu workforce is being guided by highly experienced expatriate product experts from the UK, Holland and Czech facilities.
BRUSH new manufacturing facility
It is anticipated that the additional demand from China will support further investment in European facilities where generator design and a number of the precision components are manufactured.

Blair Illingworth, Chief Executive Officer of BRUSH, commented “We are investing significantly in the growing Chinese market to ensure we are the responsive partner of choice for our customers. With the latest production technology, a hugely experienced management team and in-country manufacturing, we are strongly positioned for sustainable long-term growth.”

Alex MacConaill, Managing Director BRUSH China told Power Engineering International that the company is responding to a Chinese government-led call for development in the sector over the next two decades, and is ideally placed to meet the country’s local content stipulation.

“This is a major expansion of our business capability to support a rapidly growing market that has seen the Chinese government announce the Natural Gas Distributed Energy (NGDE) plan calling for 50GW of new gas turbine power capacity by 2020.”

“A further 100-150 GW is expected to be added between 2020 and 2030, mostly comprising of aero derivative gas turbines. As domestic regulations stipulate that the turbines and generators must be largely built in China, BRUSH has invested to ensure we are in a strong position to help achieve the NDGE plan by supplying turbine OEM’s with locally manufactured and supported 2-pole generators.”