2 June 2010 – UK-based Bowman Power Group has won the 2010 European New Product Innovation Award from Frost & Sullivan for the development of electrical turbogenerators that convert exhaust gases from engines into useful energy.
Although developed primarily for the commercial automotive sector, Bowman has also been working with several generator manufacturers and packagers in order to offer the best efficiency through its products.
In an industry that is challenged by emission and fuel consumption regulations, there is constant need for innovative and affordable technologies to tackle toxic emissions, says Frost & Sullivan, adding that the efficiency of the electrical turbogenerators from Bowman Power is far higher than that of the mechanical ones from its competitors.
‘While Bowman Power’s competitors have introduced mechanical turbocompounding that convert the exhaust gas into mechanical energy that is fed back to the crankshaft, the exhaust heat recovery system from Bowman Power is unique in its ability to convert some of the heat energy from exhaust gases into useful electrical energy,’ says Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Arif Basheer.
‘Running the turbogenerator at controlled speeds, which is one of Bowman’s pending patents, optimizes the efficiency across a wider range of engine conditions and delivers significantly higher fuel efficiency thereby having an advantage over the mechanical turbogenerators from its competitors.’
Depending on the engine application, the electrical turbogenerator can deliver an average increase in fuel efficiency across the varied operating conditions of the engine of around 8%.