Europe’s largest sewage sludge incineration plant in Moerdijk, Holland, has upgraded its on-site boilers to become energy neutral.

Two boilers generate steam from residual heat released when the sludge is incinerated, generating electricity and low-pressure steam used for pre-drying the sludge and for reclaiming raw materials.

N V Slibverwerking Noord-Brabant (SNB) began operations using two boilers provided by NEM and a Siemens steam turbine, generating enough to power 7000 to 8000 households. With the new boilers, SNB has increased its power production from approximately 3.5 million kWh annually to 26.9 million kWh annually, the firm said.

Commenting, Marcel Lefferts, Director of SNB, noted: ‘NEM was able to remove two existing boilers one after the other and replace them with the new boilers while the plant remained operational.’