Anglo Coal, one of Australia’s largest coal producers, has installed a 45.6 MW on-site generation system at its Moranbah North mine, 1117 km north of Brisbane, in Queensland, Australia.

The mine-gas fired project uses 15 GE Energy Jenbacher 3 MW reciprocating engines, under a contract with Energy Developments Limited, which will sell the output from the system into the grid.

The installation, which is expected to save the equivalent of 1.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually, is also accredited under the New South Wales government-backed Greenhouse Gas Abatement Scheme.

The turnkey project, including design, balance of the plant, SCAD controls and construction, was delivered by the Australian subsidiary of Clarke Energy, Jenbacher’s UK distributor.

GE says that more mining companies are seeking to utilize mine gas to create electricity for local uses and reduce their site emissions, particularly given the potency of methane as a greenhouse gas. Such systems also make operating costs more predictable, the company adds.

Commenting on the development, the largest Jenbacher mine gas project to date in Australia, Prady Iyyanki, CEO of GE Energy’s Jenbacher gas engine business, said: ‘For the country overall, the project represents another bold effort to help Australia aggressively curtail its greenhouse gas emissions levels.’