Altaaqa uses ‘most advanced’ Caterpillar technology in Yemen

Altaaqa Global has installed a 54 MW temporary power plant in Aden, Yemen.

An emailed statement from the a global power solutions provider confirmed that Wahid Ali Rashid, Governor of Aden and Engineer Khalil Abdul-Malik, Director General of Public Electricity Corporation (PEC) together with the Executives of Altaaqa Global inaugurated the temporary power plant that can provide electricity to 150,000 customers in the country.

Altaaqa Global
Billy Wharton, Director of Operations of Altaaqa Global said the project was the most advanced in the power industry, adding that Altaaqa, “is the only company in the Middle East who utilized an integrated control protection system that can switch from grid to island to grid in just minutes. This is also the most advanced Caterpillar electric power protection system in the world.”

The control system at the plant is highly flexible and can support base load, intermediate, peaking or standby power generation.

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