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Aggreko to supply gas gensets to Ireland data centre

Aggreko has signed a two-year contract to supply 14 MW of gas gensets to a new data centre in Ireland.

UK-based Aggreko will also install an additional 4 MW as contingency power to ensure uninterrupted supply for periods of repair and maintenance, bringing the total installation to 18 MW.

Aggreko will install the gas generators in April and expects them to operational by the end of June.

The gensets will be the primary source of power for the data centre until it can be connected to the main utility grid network, which is expected in 2019.

There is already piped gas in the area, which Aggreko will use to fuel the gensets.

Billy Durie, Aggreko’s Head of European Sector and Account Development, said: “Data centres are being constructed at such a speed that in some countries the local infrastructure just cannot keep up with demand. Temporary gas-generated power makes perfect sense for data centres that need to be operational before a connection is available from the local power supplier, or simply where there is not enough capacity from the grid.”