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Adelaide wastewater plant gets the CHP treatment

The Bolivar Wastewater Treatment Plant, the largest such plant in the Adelaide region of Australia, is to be fitted with cogeneration technology.

Clarke Energy has been contracted to improve energy utilisation at the site by way of a cogeneration installation, which will provide a clean and efficient source of heat and power that will significantly reduce the project’s greenhouse gas emissions.
Bolivar Wastewater Treatment Plant
The South Australian Government has approved a $25.8m project for SA Water to optimise the energy utilisation on the site, which will provide a major upgrade to the BWTP power supply via the installation of on-site electricity generation, fuelled with the digester gas produced during the treatment plant process.

The plant will be installed with afully operational turnkey gas-to-power cogeneration plant using GE Jenbacher gas engines.

Three GE Jenbacher highly electrically efficient dual-fuel gas engines will be installed inside of the existing power house, each 2.4 MW in capacity. The gas engines will operate either solely on digester gas or a blended mix with natural gas during times of low digester gas production.

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