Acciona Renewable Energy Control Center reaches 1.1 GW capacity mark

Spanish infrastructure and renewable energy group Acciona recorded 1,104 MW of client capacity to its Renewable Energy Control Center (CECOER) during Q1 of 2017.

Located in ACCIONA Energàƒ­a’s head office in Sarriguren (Navarra, northern Spain) and with branches in Chicago and Mexico City, the CECOER carries out the real-time management of 294 wind farms containing 7,892 turbines of 13 manufacturers and more than 50 different models.
Acciona Renewable Energy Center
It also manages a range of plants: 80 hydropower, 24 photovoltaic, 6 CSP and 5 biomass, plus 269 transformer substations in 18 countries on the five continents.

The latest capacity was incorporatedà‚  in the form of installations belonging to the companiesà‚ Eolia Renovables (633 MW) and Grupo Vapat (471 MW).

The service provision contracts with these companies, formalized through ACCIONA Green Energy Developments, take the renewable energy capacity managed by the CECOER to 12,883 MW.

Of this figure, 69 per cent corresponds to installations owned by ACCIONA Energàƒ­a and the remaining 31 per cent to other developers.

“We are grateful to our clients for putting their trust in ACCIONA as a broker with the electric power system and as their representative in the market, through highly technical management aimed at optimizing the performance of their facilities”, said ACCIONA Green Energy Director Santiago Gàƒ³mez Ramos.

The centre sends real-time data to the Spanish grid operator on the energy produced at any given time, plus a production forecast for the following hours ” among other technical parameters ” and manages the operational instructions and requirements issued by the operator in order to maintain the stability of the grid.

It also helps with the management of the supply and sale of energy to the wholesale electricity market, and immediately detects any incidents that may occur in the installations under its supervision, solving 55 per cent of them remotely.

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