A $320m energy centre in Yorkshire, England is set to be powered by CHP technology.

The centre at Kellingley Colliery is part of a scheme announced by Peel Environmental, and the plan features the conversion of up to 280,000 tonnes of non-hazardous waste into energy per year.

Peel Environmental said the centre could provide a low-cost, stable energy supply to Kellingley Colliery helping to cut costs.

Richard Barker, development manager at the company, said: “If built, our proposed energy centre will operate an efficient combined heat and power system, using waste as a fuel to release energy.

“Our scheme, which is entirely privately funded, will also make use of existing industrial land, its excellent transport links and an existing electrical grid infrastructure which will be able to accept an additional 26MW of power without the need for any upgrades.”

The plan has been developed in consultation with UK Coal which owns Kellingley.

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