E.ON prioritises CHP as oil powered plant closes early

E.ON (FWB:à‚ EOAN) has announced that its 33 year old oil fired Grain A oil fired power station in Kent is to close at the end of December, three years ahead of schedule.

The decision has been taken after acknowledgement that the plant did not meet the EU’s Large Combustion Plant Directive (LCPD),but the company is now happy to prioritise its gas fired combined heat and power plant as the way forward.

Grain 1 oil fired power plant
The plant has not generated power since 2010.

Speaking to Energy Live News, Dr Tony Cocker, Chief Executive of E.ON UK said “As this corner of Kent demonstrates, how we generate the electricity we all need is changing. Oil-fired Grain-A and our coal-fired power station at Kingsnorth are both set to close under LCPD rules but just next door we have our brand new super-efficient gas-fired combined heat and power station”.

“We’re a key partner in the ongoing development of the world’s largest offshore wind farm, London Arrayࢀ¦ The whole system is changing and needs to transform to one of greater efficiency, lower carbon intensity and cost-effective back-up capacity.”

The EU’s LCPD imposes stricter guidelines for highly polluting plants, leaving operators the choice of fitting cleaner equipment or limiting operation to the end of 2015 or 20,000 hours from January 1, 2008, whichever comes first.

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