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ENER-G launches new CHP service

UK-based ENER-G has launched a new service managing compliance and certification for the Combined Heat and Power Quality Assurance programme (CHPQA). This certification is required as qualification for a raft of government incentives, particularly exemption from Climate Change Levy (CCL).

ENER-G says it has launched the programme as data shows that almost one in six UK CHP customers are failing to register for CHPQA and hence are losing substantial financial benefits.

‘On a small 200 kW CHP system, failure to gain CHPQA certification would mean missing out on more than à‚£10,000 (US$17,000) per year in CCL relief, while a 2 MW system would qualify for payments of approximately à‚£100,000 per annum,’ explained Heather Foster, corporate account manager for ENER-G Combined Power.

Foster added: ‘CCL relief is available to CHP operators for energy consumed on-site. CHPQA registration is also the route to other tax benefits such as qualification for Enhanced Capital Allowances; preferential treatment in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme; exemption from business rates and exemption from the Carbon Price Support Levy.’ à‚ à‚