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Eesti Energia building cogeneration plant in Estonia

The energy producer Pogi, of which Eesti Energia is a majority shareholder, is constructing a combined heat and electricity plant in Paide, Estonia.

The plant’s electricity output will be 2 MW and the heating output 8 MW. With a project budget of $10M, 40 per cent is funded by the Environmental Investment Center, an Eesti Energia press release said.

The new plant will be powered by biofuel. Currently, Pogi produces heat using both biofuel and oil. After the plant is completed in 2013, the company will continue to use oil at its other plants during periods of peak demand, reports Estonia Public Broadcasting.

Pogi director Andres Alusalu said the plant is an important investment for heating in Paide since the old boiler houses are in poor shape and the combined plant will reduce their workload.

Eesti Energia is currently building cogeneration plants in Painkàƒ¼la, Valga and Tallinn.

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