DTE Energy Technologies Signs Agreement to Develop and Market High-Efficiency Electric Mini-Turbine

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich.à‚–DTE Energy Technologies, an unregulated subsidiary of DTE Energy Co., has signed agreements with Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp. and The Turbo Genset Co. Ltd., of the United Kingdom, for the development of a 400 kW turbine generator. These agreements are founded upon the Memorandum of Understanding for development of the mini turbo-generator system, which was announced March 13, 2000.

This new high-efficiency product, the energy|now turbine-generator, model ENT 4000, is targeted for distributed generation applications for small- to medium-sized commercial customers and micro-grids serving both residential and commercial development projects. Distributed generation involves small, onsite electricity generation sources.

The companies now are proceeding with the design and integration of specially designed and manufactured turbine engines from Pratt & Whitney Canada and high-speed electric generators and associated power electronics from Turbo Genset. DTE Energy Technologies will provide overall system controls for integration into micro-grids and remote monitoring, as well as interfaces to traditional utility grids. DTE Energy Technologies also will be responsible for the packaging of the systems and marketing of the ENT 4000. DTE Energy Technologies will market the units.

“The energy|now turbine-generator is a major step forward by DTE Energy Technologies to provide the commercial and electric utility marketplace with distributed generation choices that can serve a variety of electric and economic needs,” said Paul Horst, DTE Energy Technologies president.

The energy|now turbine-generator will utilize Pratt & Whitney’s state-of-the-art industrial engine, much like a helicopter engine, as the core of the package. These engines will directly drive high-speed generator systems from Turbo Genset, which employ a unique technology that allows high performance and reliability at one-tenth of the size and weight of conventional generators in this power range. Commercial units are expected to be available beginning in early 2002.

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