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WtE project to be designed for CHP

Waste-to-energy firm Covanta and power and heating company Veolia are to collaborate on a CHP-ready waste-to-energy project in the UK.

The two firms are to jointly develop a 50 MW Energy Recovery Facility (pictured, artist’s impression) in Bedfordshire, which is planned to run on municipal, commercial and industrial waste.

Construction is planned to begin in 2017 with commercial operation expected in 2020.

The companies said the project will be designed to be combined heat and power-ready to allow for the future development of a local district heating system, and to provide steam to potential business customers.

For now, it is planned to power up to 65,000 households.

Matthew Mulcahy, Covanta’s Senior Vice President and Head of Corporate Development, said the facility would ‘provide a vital outlet for the sustainable disposal of residual waste and deliver clean, renewable power. It will also be designed to export steam to support a local district heating system or additional economic development projects.’à‚