Installation work has begun on a 1.9 MWth concentrated solar power (CSP)-based district heating plant in Denmark.

The project is being undertaken by solar thermal company Aalborg CSP for Danish district heating firm Solrød Fjernvarme, and is planned to include a 2569 square metre flat panel solar collector system and a 1250 cubic-metre heat storage accumulation tank.

Once completed, the installation is expected to produce 1226 MWth per year, providing heating for 350 households and saving around 233 tonnes of CO2.

‘The solar field delivered to Solrød Fjernvarme together with the accumulation tank will be able to cover 28% of the district heating plant’s energy demand and will keep energy prices stable,’ said Jes Donneborg, Aalborg CSP’s head of solar thermal plants.

Construction began in mid-September and the collectors and storage tank are planned to be installed within five weeks, Aalborg CSP said.