Veolia Energy North America is celebrating the fifth anniversary of its acquisition of the Cambridge, Massachusetts steam distribution network, which serves 15 customers, including global leaders in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing, with 240,000 pounds (109,000 kg) per hour of steam production.
Since 2005, Veolia Energy has invested more than US$10 million to enhance the Cambridge system, replacing old boilers, converting the heavy oil-fired operation into a natural gas-fired steam heating plant, and upgrading the distribution system, which is now monitored by a state-of-the-art control room.
Upgrades made to the Cambridge system include the replacement of two old boilers that burned heavy oil and were devoid of add-on emission controls.
Today, the system utilizes state-of-the-art boilers fired by natural gas as the primary fuel, and ultra low-sulphur diesel as a secondary fuel.
The plant also utilizes ultra low nitrogen oxide burners, and is equipped with superheaters and economizers to optimize fuel efficiency and minimize emissions.
Another environmental benefit is the utilization of cogenerated steam from Mirant’s Kendall station, which would otherwise be forced to discharge waste heat to the environment.
Over the past five years, cogenerated steam, clean fuels, combustion controls, and advanced burner technology have combined to deliver clean energy to customers in Cambridge and Boston.
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