UKDEA welcoming district energy irrespective of scale

The UK District Energy Association (UKDEA) has released a statement saying that it is embracing district energy of all scales as the number of smaller, community level district energy schemes begin to take shape across the UK.

The chairman of the UKDEA, Simon Woodward, commented, “Scale is not an issue for district energy.

“The main benefits of this technology comes because of the decentralisation of the power source, which eliminates a large proportion of the transmission losses that we are used to absorbing as part of national power networks.

Whether the scheme includes a small group of buildings or an entire city, as long as the project has been well designed and managed in accordance with UK Best Practice then the benefits of district energy are there for the taking.”

Recognising the important role that ‘micro district energy’ has to play in the decarbonising of the UK’s energy supply, the UKDEA has officially opened its arms to organisations and stakeholders involved with schemes from village scale community based district heating schemes to city wide district heat energy networks.

With more support and funding becoming available for smaller scale ‘micro district energy’ schemes to get off the ground, the UKDEA hopes that these community organisations and smaller developers will keep in touch with the Association to share knowledge, experiences and to learn from the experience of its members.

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