Tim Rotheray

The UK government has launched the Pilot Scheme of the Heat Networks Investment Project, which aims to increase the number of cost effective, low carbon heat networks being built.

The investment will also aim to facilitate the creation of the right conditions for a self-sustaining heat network market. 
Tim Roterhay of the Assocation for Decentralised Energy
The Association for Decentralised Energy has welcomed the launch of the £39m project, which will consist of one single competitive funding round and will inform the design of the Main Scheme, which is expected to open in 2017 and run for four years.

ADE Director Dr Tim Rotheray (right) said, “This investment in heat networks will bring about significant benefits for local authorities and their communities, helping to tackle fuel poverty and improve resident comfort, while helping the UK to meet its decarbonisation targets at least cost.”

“As the Committee on Climate Change recently reported, the UK needs to act on heat energy and this funding is the right next step. The launch of this pilot is a cornerstone for attracting up to £2 billion of capital investment for new heat network infrastructure. More than 150 local authorities and a number of private sector property developers are working to deliver these infrastructure investments and build a foundation for a long-term district heating market in the UK.”

The Heat Trust represents 25,000 heat customers and works continuously on the strengthening of technical standards, working with the government to support its deployment ambitions over the coming years.