UK decentralized energy Projects of the Decade announced

The UK Association for Decentralised Energy‘s (ADE) annual awards ceremony this year included the trade group’s 50-year anniversary and, in celebration, it offered special awards for Projects of the Decade.

The Industrial Project of the Decade Award went to Edina for its work with R&R Ice Cream. Combined heat and power (CHP) was installed at the site to improve energy security; the system also increased the site’s production by 20 per cent as well as reducing its energy bill by à‚£400,000 ($525,000) and saving 4800 tonnes of carbon per year.

Birmingham’s District Energy Scheme, installed and operated by Engie, won the award for Public Sector Project of the Decade. Since its launch ten years ago, the scheme has grown to provide 60 GWh of heat, 30 GWh of power and 9 GWh of cooling, and will soon be demonstrating the first commercial interoperation of small-scale bioenergy generation on a city-wide energy network.à‚ 

The Homes and Communities Project of the Decade Award was presented to London’s Borough of Islington for the Bunhill Heat and Power Network. Since its installation in 2012 the network has helped reduced energy bills by 10 per cent for over 850 homes and two leisure centres, and has saved 2000 tonnes of carbon.

The Commercial Project of the Decade Award was won by Engie for Southampton District Energy Scheme. Established in the 1980s, the scheme has expanded to over 14 km of pipework to supply heating and cooling to a large shopping centre, 2500 homes, offices, a university, the police and more.

The the Innovation Award of the Decade was snagged by Guru Systems and FairHeat for their work in using performance data to radically improve heat network efficiency. Developed in 2014, Guru’s Pinpoint system is now being used on over 75 heat networks serving 5600 homes. The software allows operators to monitor networks in real time to identify costly inefficiencies and reduce carbon emissions, and the ADE termed it “a breakthrough for problem legacy schemes”.

The Integrated Energy Project of the Decade Award was won by CityWest Homes for its electrically heated tower block project, Cyclo Control Towers. By aggregating demand from 800 homes, CityWest has been able to reduce electricity tariffs by 15 per cent.

Switch2 was the winner of the Customer Engagement Award of the Decade. The firm provides metering and billing services to over 70,000 customers and has a company ethos to provide systems and products that are benchmarked against industry good practice.

The ADE said its final award of the night, the Visionary Project Award, received the most entries out of any category. It highlights projects that look forward and dramatically change the vision of our energy industry for tomorrow, the organization said.

The Award was presented to Gateshead Council for its Gateshead District Energy Scheme, which provides heat through 3 km of pipe and electricity through a private wire network to domestic, commercial and public sector customers. The ADE said the scheme was “one of the most unique projects in the country” as it also offers peak power generation to help balance the grid through a mixture of battery energy storage and CHP with heat storage.à‚ 

REstore was also highly commended in this category for its work with Flextreo, a solution that brings energy market opportunities to the desk of energy managers across the UK.

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