The UK Parliament’s Energy and Climate Change Committee has launched three inquiries into the Conservative Government’s track record on the low-carbon economy and potential policy options going forward.

The final consultation of a three pronged approach will be dedicated to looking into the country’s energy infrastructure, including decentralised energies such as district heating and combined heat and power.
In all, the Energy and Climate Change Committee will be scrutinising investor confidence in the UK energy sector, home energy efficiency and demand reduction, and low-carbon network infrastructure.

The three areas were chosen following a public consultation with industry stakeholders, which drew nearly 250 responses.

The Committee is seeking responses addressing which technologies can enable the development of a smarter grid, and what impact decentralised energy could have on the network.

“The UK electricity infrastructure is ageing and substantial investment will be required to upgrade the network (both transmission and distribution) to address today’s and tomorrow’s energy system needs,” a statement from the Committee said.

“As low-carbon technologies and distributed energy play a greater role, the move towards a smarter, more localised and diverse system presents both challenges and opportunities.”