1 July 2010 – The UK Combined Heat and Power Association (CHPA) has expanded its remit with a rebranding of its activities under a ‘bringing energy together’ strapline. The association now covers ‘sustainable energy services’ and ‘district heating and cooling’ in addition to CHP.
The new identity embodies the diversity and core benefits delivered across the CHP and district heating sectors, says the association.
The CHPA has also launched a new report: ‘Integrated Energy: The role of CHP and district heating in our energy future’ to provide a clear picture of how CHP and district heating can contribute to help address the energy challenges the UK currently faces.
Describing the concept of ‘integrated energy’, the association says it also seeks to emphasize the value and benefit of partnership, wider diversity, flexibility and efficiency in developing an optimized energy system as a whole.
Its publication is timely, says the CHPA: even though substantial areas of opportunity remain underexploited, the sector is demonstrating significant growth and investment.
On the launch of the new brand and ‘Integrated Energy’, CHPA president Lord Whitty said: ‘If we can adopt a coordinated, comprehensive and complementary approach to the energy and climate challenges we face, then we will maximize the opportunities for success.’