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Trigeneration for Edinburgh campus

The University of Edinburgh is the site of a new à‚£9 million trigeneration energy project which will revolutionise the way they produce heating, cooling and electricity at their Easter Bush Veterinary Campus.

The system, which is being delivered by Vital Energi, will capture the waste heat created during electricity generation and use it to produce heating for buildings at the Easter Bush campus.à‚  In the warmer summer months when there is less demand, the heat will be converted into cooling, ensuring maximum efficiency all year round.
The project will also see Vital Energi install a 4km, thermally efficient, buried district energy network which will transport the hot and chilled water around campus.

Mike Cooke, Regional Director for Vital Energi commented, “Trigeneration is an exciting technology as it can operate at maximum efficiency all year round and our similar installations have a great track record of reducing emissions and saving money, so it’s an ideal solution at Easter Bush where they have a clear vision to deliver a 21st century, low-carbon campus.”

The energy centre will be powered by a 1.5MWe Combined Heat & Power engine and two 4MW boilers.à‚  Cooling will be provided by a 1.5MWc vapour compression chiller and both heating and cooling systems will have a 100m3 thermal stores.

This will be the second energy centre delivered by Vital Energi for the University of Edinburgh after a successful installation at their Holyrood Campus.