SWEP has been awarded its largest ever contract for a single heat transfer unit.

The customer is Vestforbraending I/S, Denmark’s largest waste management company. Each year it handles around 1 million tonnes of waste and then focuses on producing energy from waste incineration.

Vestforbraending waste incineration plant internals

The new project will involve distributing 51 MW from Lundtofte Vekslerstation, the Danish Technology University (DTU), to serve the district heating network that supplies residential and commercial properties in the surrounding western area of Copenhagen.

SWEP will deliver 8 fully loaded B649 units with the maximum number of plates. The total value of the contract is EUR119,000. Following on from detailed logistics project planning, delivery and installation of the project will follow on in several phases over the next 3 months.

Of the energy produced from waste incineration at Vestforbrænding, 80% is turned into district heating and 20% becomes power. District heating generated through incineration of waste causes much lower CO2 emissions than most other heating forms.

Christian Englund, Regional Sales Manager Denmark, said “This contract represents a major breakthrough for SWEP and is recognition for our careful preparation in defining the right scope of supply. We also handled the detailed risk assessment carefully and imaginatively.”

Christer Frennfelt responsible for Project Business, said: “Our success in winning this major order is due to our ability to meet the required heat load with minimum weights and footprints. We are delighted to be working with Vestforbraending and hope it will be a successful and long-term relationship.”

See video of the plant